Disability & Employment: The Basics+ A virtual training series

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To register for the remaining sessions in the series contact kyapse@apse.org

KY APSE and KY Supported Employment Training Project present a 4 part webinar series. Disability & Employment: The Basics+ series will be held the 2nd Thursday of the month, December 2023- March 2024, from 10 – 11:30 Eastern, and will be $40 for APSE Members and $50 for non-APSE members.

Each session will offer a 1.5 hour certificate for general continuing education hours. Certificates will be issued to those who are registered and who can verify attendance through Zoom record of presence and responses to post-session questions. Registrants unable to attend the session live will receive access to the recording, for a limited time, the following week. Certificates will be issued upon passing a quiz with a score of at least 80% (to verify having watched in completion.)  This series has been approved for CESP education credits. 

The Series will also include an optional Drop In Call the day after each session, for anyone with questions or seeking more conversation on the topic presented. These Drop In calls will not issue a training certificate, will not have a set agenda but will be open format for dialogue around application or other questions you have regarding good practice.

Part 1) Employment First – Values and the Work We Do
December 14, 2023; 10 – 11:30 Eastern
Drop in Call – December 15th, 10:00 Eastern
Our goal? To find jobs. But it’s so much more than that. We want to provide quality, supports so people find and keep good jobs. Jobs that are integrated, pay well, and are truly a good fit and that allow people to contribute to the business in meaningful and valued ways. How do we uphold these values and beliefs in the real world of running an agency?  We will use Social Role Valorization theory to critique how we get to know job seekers vocationally, how we figure out jobs, and how employees are supported on the job. These principles are not new, but need to be applied to the work we do in order to keep our values fresh and our work in focus. If we want people to choose to work the choices need to be good ones. 

Part 2) Targeted Job Development – Knowing Where to Go & What to Say
January 11, 2024; 10 – 11:30 Eastern

Drop in Call – January 12, 10:00 Eastern
We all know that individualized jobs are important for people with significant disabilities. But figuring out what would be good and then how to go find it can be overwhelming! This session will explore strategies of how to apply the idea of personalized jobs. These strategies will lead the employment specialist to create a prioritized list of where to begin job development, who to contact, what types of work you are seeking, and why you believe this company is a good fit for the individual. Network development and strategies for employer engagement will also be discussed. When you meet with companies, what do you ask and how do you get the kinds of information you need?

Part 3) After the Job Start – What Now? How to Support People Well & Look to the Future
February 8, 2024; 10 – 11:30 Eastern

Drop in Call February 9, 10:00 Eastern
The unique feature to Supported Employment is the idea of “long term supports.” How do we support people well and find the balance between staying with someone all the time and leaving them on their own? We will talk about training, paid supports, natural supports, accommodations, and other supports on the job. Just like anyone else, people want to move onward and upward along a career path. We will discuss how SE can help people move into new tasks and even new jobs.

Part 4) Putting it All Together – How to Manage your Time, Communication and Run an Effective Business
March 14, 2024; 10 – 11:30 Eastern

Drop in Call March 15, 10:00 Eastern
While there is no magic bullet, there are basic points to running a good agency. This session will cover the tips on good management, communication, service delivery, partnering with funders, invoicing and include a quick overview of service options for CRPs.